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Paul McCartney's Magical Tour: Group Concert Passenger Transport

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle

"Ride in Style to the PAUL MCCARTNEY Concert in Newcastle with Jeffrey Lumsden Private Passenger Transport!

🎵 Join the Beatle-mania with ease!

  • Tue 24 October 2023 - McDonald Jones Stadium (Newcastle)

🚐 10 comfy seats available.

📍 Multiple convenient pick-ups at your door.

💲 Only $100 per person for a round-trip transfer! (concert tickets not included)

🕒 Pick-ups start at 3pm.

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About Paul McCartney and Concert Details

As your trusted ticket partner, The Ticket Merchant is thrilled to announce the long-awaited Australian ‘Got Back’ tour of none other than Sir Paul McCartney in 2023!

So whether you're a lifelong Beatles fan or a newfound admirer of Sir Paul McCartney's work, get ready to secure your tickets and be a part of this historic musical journey.

Who is Paul McCartney?

Sir Paul McCartney’s songwriting career started when he joined The Quarrymen, a band formed by John Lennon. The two quickly found common ground and began writing songs together. This songwriting partnership proved to be one of the most successful in music history, shaping the sound of The Beatles and influencing countless musicians to come.

During his time with The Beatles, McCartney began to explore a broad range of genres. The band's early music was rooted in 1950s rock and roll and skiffle, but they quickly branched out.

By integrating elements of classical and Indian music for songs like "Within You Without You", they broke through conventional compositions. They were pioneers in the psychedelic rock movement with albums like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour.

When Did Paul McCartney Start Performing Solo?

Sir Paul McCartney's solo career truly began after The Beatles disbanded in 1970. After The Beatles' breakup, McCartney continued experimenting with different musical styles in his solo career. He embraced pop, rock, and even electronic music.

His first solo album, aptly titled "McCartney", was released on April 17, 1970, just a week before The Beatles' final album "Let It Be". This marked the beginning of McCartney's thriving and diverse solo journey.

"McCartney" was a significant departure from his work with The Beatles, not only in terms of personnel but also in terms of the recording process. McCartney played all the instruments and performed all the vocals himself, making it a truly solo effort. This self-made approach was indicative of the direction his career would take, showing a willingness to experiment and a desire to maintain creative control.

Later that year, McCartney released his second solo album, "Ram", in collaboration with his wife, Linda McCartney. "Ram" was the only album credited to the couple. It was a commercial success and included the hit single "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey", which became McCartney's first solo number-one single in the United States.

Shortly after the release of "Ram", McCartney formed the band Wings, which became his primary musical project for the next decade. However, even while working with Wings, McCartney continued his solo pursuits. For instance, in 1970, he released the single "Another Day", which was his first solo single post-Beatles and was a worldwide hit.

Formed in 1971, Wings was a rock band created by McCartney and his wife Linda, along with musician Denny Laine, formerly of The Moody Blues. Over the course of its existence, the band underwent numerous lineup changes, but these three remained consistent members.

Despite some initial scepticism from critics and fans due to the inevitable comparisons to The Beatles, Wings left an enduring legacy.

At Wings concerts, McCartney began to shape a performance style that blended his new material with the beloved Beatles classics. This became a signature aspect of his shows, satisfying longtime Beatles fans while introducing his new songs to the audience.

What Is Paul McCartney’s Most Recent Album?

In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, McCartney released "McCartney III". This was the third instalment in a series of self-titled albums, reflecting Paul's innovation and creativity. He wrote, performed, and produced the entire album himself, blending optimism and exploration in tracks such as "Find My Way" and the sprawling experimental "Deep Deep Feeling". The album was widely lauded by critics, debuting at number one in the UK.

Over the years, McCartney's albums consistently showcased his evolving creativity, his ability to adapt to contemporary music styles, all while preserving the quintessential qualities that have made him one of the world's most cherished songwriters.

We can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for the ‘Got Back’ tour!

For more details on tickets and their release, sign up to The Ticket Merchant waitlist today. To know more about how our ticket marketplace works, feel free to check out our comprehensive FAQ section or get in touch with one of our team members.

When Will Paul McCartney Come Back to Australia?

Sir McCartney will be kicking off his Australian tour by starting in Adelaide and ending in the sunny Gold Coast. Here’s a full list of his date and venues:

  • Wed 18 October 2023 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre (Adelaide)

  • Sat 21 October 2023 - Marvel Stadium (Melbourne)

  • Tue 24 October 2023 - McDonald Jones Stadium (Newcastle)

  • Fri 27 October 2023 - Allianz Stadium (Sydney)

  • Wed 1 November 2023 - Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane)

  • Sat 4 November 2023 - Heritage Bank Stadium (Gold Coast)

Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates and ticket availability regarding Paul McCartney's ‘Got Back’ 2023 Australian tour.

Here at The Ticket Merchant, we're as excited as you are about this legendary tour, so don't miss out!

What to Expect at the Paul McCartney Concert?

McCartney's concerts have grown in scale and spectacle. They often include impressive visual effects, fireworks, and elaborate stage designs. However, at the heart of his performances is always the music itself.

How Long Is a Paul McCartney Concert?

McCartney is known for his extensive setlists, regularly playing well over 30 songs every set.

However, the exact length can vary depending on the specific concert or tour. It's always best to check specific concert details closer to the event.


Sir Paul McCartney will join the surge of superstars touring Australia this summer, with the Beatles legend bring his 'Got Back' Tour to Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland

VIC Saturday, 21 October, 8pm - Marvel Stadium, Melbourne

NSW Tuesday, 24 October, 8pm - Mcdonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle Friday, 27 October, 8pm - Allianz Stadium, Sydney Saturday, 28 October, 7:30pm - Allianz Stadium, Sydney

QLD Wednesday, 1 November, 8pm - Suncorp Stadium, Queensland Saturday, 4 November, 8:25pm - Heritage Bank Stadium, Gold Coast

How can I book my concert tickets for Paul McCartney?

You can check out our website regarding availability whether you are looking for Paul McCartney concert tickets in Australia. For more information on pricing, position of seats available and dates, check our FAQ section on The Ticket Merchant website today! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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