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Sydney overseas cruise terminal transfer and newcastle Airport transfers

It been a day of transfers today. The first was to pick up people at the Sydney overseas passenger terminal at circular quay from a South Pacific cruise on the Ovation of the seas cruise ship. What a massive ship it is and I can’t wait to be on it in September this year. Very busy down there with people every where. I also saw my friends from Skippy down under tours there picking up clients. They do larger groups if your interested. I will be doing larger groups when I invest in my Passenger Van later on this year or early next year. After that it was off to Maitland for a local Newcastle Airport transfer with people going for holidays on the Gold Coast. Hope you enjoy it guys, I love it up there.

until next time have a good evening everyone and I will be, yes, back to Sydney Cruise Terminal tomorrow morning for another round of transfers!

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