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Weekly Updates

It’s been a very busy week with back to back transfers to Sydney International Airport. Newcastle Airport has also been very busy too, with fly in/out workers. We are into the cold weather now and would be nice to be flying somewhere nice and warm. the weather has been delaying flights but on the most part things have been on time. For people that are traveling with children, I have 2 car seats now ready for use. Eftpos is available also for people paying with Savings or chq eftpos cards and visa and MasterCard available to. Another busy day ahead with airport transfers to newcastle and then to Sydney and return. The weather looks awesome today. Just a reminder that I am a one person operation and I am booking out very fast, so if you need an Airport Transfer or wine tour please book it in as fast as you can to insure you don’t miss out. Have a good day everyone and safe travels!

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Busy day today in Sydney. Transferring one of my clients to the RPA hospital for a check up and then return home.


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