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Here is why you should book your transfer with me

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Hi everyone

I have had people tell me that they can get cheaper transfer options, and they are correct, there is cheaper options out there. Now here is why i stand apart from these options

1/ My service is door to door. You don’t need to go any where to join your transfer option. We pick you up at your front door. if you have others traveling with you, we pick them up at there front door too.

2/ We are there to take care or help you with your luggage at your front door.

3/ You are safe. No getting on trains with other people that you don’t trust. I have my nation criminal history check done and also working with children certificates. All insurances are current. I am a member of the point to point commission and have a BSP Authorisation.

4/ Have a nice comfortable transfer to your destination. This means you can sleep, relax, concentrate on your holiday or travel plans ahead. Leave getting there, traffic, feeling fatigued, parking, parking your car off site and getting to the airport or cruise terminal, hotels. I cut all that out to make it easy.

5/ Once we arrive at the Airport or cruise terminal, I will help you with your luggage to the path.

6/ Arriving back is even better. meet me at the express pick up areas, where your luggage will be handled by me.

7/ last days on holidays are normally filled with celebrations including the flight home.

key points here

a/ No drink driving on the way home

b/ Everyone can enjoy the last night (no designated driver)

c/ Feeling fatigued while driving home.

Why not feel safe returning home after your time away.

8/ You have a fresh driver to drive you home and help you along the way.

9/ most of all you can sleep your celebrations off on your way home.

10/ We are there to help you with your luggage when we arrive to your front door.

so in concluding

yes, there are other means of transferring yourself to your amazing holiday or travel planes, but if you want to have a better time that everyone can enjoy (designated driver) and be hassle free, don’t save $50 because you can get there cheaper, think about how much more value this adds to your amazing time.

thanks you for your time


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